Setup and Activation
  • 29 Aug 2022
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Setup and Activation

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Initial Setup

Your Set up box will contain a power adapter, a charging dock and the Poynt Smart Terminal.

Place the terminal close to a power source and near a strong WiFi connection. The bigger screen should be facing you, while the smaller screen should be facing your customers.

Plug in the power adapter to the charging dock and place the terminal on the charging dock. To power on the device, press the power button located in the back, on the right hand corner of the larger screen. It is recommended to charge the terminal for at least one hour before initial use.

Follow the instructions on the screen to connect the device to WiFi. Allow the device to download, install, and reboot.

Follow steps to Activate your device.

Follow the on screen directions and scan the QR Code from your Welcome E-mail.

You are set up and ready to start processing.

Connecting to a Network

You can connect your Poynt Smart Terminal to their Internet using WiFi or an Ethernet connection.

Wifi Connection

  • Access swipe down menu by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • Select wifi icon.
  • Select your preferred secure wifi network.
  • Enter password and click connect.

Ethernet Connection

To use ethernet connection, you must connect the ethernet cable to the base station and have Poynt device cradled.

Loading Paper

  • Lift the latch on the printer compartment.
  • Insert unwrapped roll of paper with the end of the roll facing downwards.

Enabling Tips

If you want to add the tip option on your Poynt Smart Terminal, you will first need to contact our Help Team ( to request Tip Enablement to be added.

Once it is enabled, the customer will automatically be prompted with a tip option when they pay with their credit card.