Multi-Currency Transactions - Virtual Terminal
  • 31 Aug 2022
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Multi-Currency Transactions - Virtual Terminal

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To process a payment using the Virtual Terminal click on Payments then Transactions.

Next, click on the New Transaction drop-down in the right-hand corner of your screen and select Via Credit Card.

This will open up the Virtual Terminal where you can begin entering the Transaction Information.

  • Select Terminal: You will need to select your multi-currency processing terminal for the transaction
  • Transaction Type: Either a Purchase or a Pre-Authorization
  • Amount: The purchase amount

Customer Information

Next, you can add the customer information.

Leaving the radio button as On will allow you to manually add new customer information into the text boxes to create a new customer.

If the customer already exists in your Customer Manager, turn Auto-Generate to Off to search through your customer list and select the customer you want to assign the transaction to.

If you have selected an existing customer, their credit card information will auto-populate in the Credit Card Information field. You can also manually enter the information.

Invoice Information

Toggle the Auto-Generate button Off to specify the type of invoice you are creating and to select the correct currency. If you do not toggle Off the Auto-Generate button then the transaction will be processed in the default currency that you are depositing funds in.

AVS Information

The Address Verification Service information will auto-populate if you have selected an existing customer. Otherwise, you can manually enter the information.

When all the information has been entered click on Process to complete the transaction.