Helcim.js Version 1 - How it works
  • 30 Aug 2022
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Helcim.js Version 1 - How it works

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Helcim.js is a JavaScript hosted on our payment gateway. When implemented on your website, it helps reduce the security scope of your PCI compliance while allowing customers to stay on your website when entering their credit card information. When the customer clicks on the "Process" button, their own web-browser redirects the credit card information using AJAX to our payment gateway. The transaction results are sent back to the JavaScript, which then creates hidden fields in your checkout page with the transaction results. Finally, the JavaScript submits your checkout form back to your server. The results are available to you as "POST" values. Sensitive credit card data is never submitted to your server, greatly reducing your PCI compliance scope.


Version 1 is now available to all merchants. Updates that do not impact it's implementation will be made to this file. Future versions will be deployed under a new version number, while previous versions still available to prevent interruption in service. https://gateway.helcim.com/js/version1.js

Ecommerce Merchant Account

Your Helcim merchant account must be registered as an ecommerce account and meet Visa's Internet Requirements. Please contact the Helcim support team if you are unsure of your account status.

Dev and Test Modes

The test=1 field can be sent to a live or test merchant Id, and will prevent the transaction from actually being sent out to card networks. The dev=1 variable will force the transaction to be directed to our development environment at https://gateway.qa.helcim.com/ instead of our live environment at https://gateway.helcim.com. This is for developer accounts and demo merchant IDs.

SSL Certificate Requirement

While the transaction does take place over an SSL connection during the AJAX call between client and the Helcim Gateway, we still require merchants to implement a valid SSL certificate on their checkout page. This is to ensure that all of your customers' personal information is encrypted in transit, and to ease any security concerns of cardholders.

Limitations on Transaction Types

The Helcim.js platform will only allow for 'purchase' (sale) or 'preauth' (pre-authorization) transactions. Refunds, voids, and captures should be sent using the standard Gateway API and the generated card-token. Since the transactions are initiated and processed by the client browser, this limitation is to eliminate any potential abuse.

Optional Amount

The amount field is optional. If not present, the gateway will process a zero-dollar verification on the credit card and return a card-token. If present, a real-time authorization will take place for the amount entered, which will also generate a card-token for later use.