Creating a New Payment Page
  • 30 Aug 2022
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Creating a New Payment Page

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You can create an unlimited number of payment pages, with each page having its own unique settings.To create a new hosted payment page:

  • Select Payment Pages in the top menu
  • Click Add New Page
  • Enter the desired fields below:
Field NameRequirementsDescription
NameOptionalYou can enter a name for your new page, such as "My Payment Page". A name is useful for keep track of multiple pages.
TokenAutoThe token is used to generate the page. It will be automatically generated for you.
Approval URLOptionalYou can enter a website URL that customers will be forwarded to when the transaction is approved. If no URL is entered, customers will see a simple "thank you" page once the transaction is approved.
Preset AmountOptionalYou can preset an amount to first appear on the page.

Optional Fields

The next section lets you decide whether optional fields (such as billing and shipping information) should be displayed on the page, whether your customers can edit these fields and whether those fields should be required.

Card-Brand and Security Logos

You can choose which card-brand and security icons will appear on the page.

Entering Your Policies

You should also enter your delivery, return, shipping and privacy policy. This is needed to meet Visa's Internet requirements.

Custom Fields and Customizable CSS (OPTIONAL)

These optional features are recommend for advanced users. You can learn more about Creating Custom Fields and Customizing the CSS.

Saving Your Settings

Once ready, click Save Payment Page to save your new page.