Bank Deposits and Settlements with Helcim
  • 30 Aug 2022
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Bank Deposits and Settlements with Helcim

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A batch is a group of transactions that have been processed on the terminal. Before the batch can be deposited to your bank account it must be "Settled" (see batch Settlement options below).

A deposit for the total combined amount of those transactions will arrive in 2 business days.

Bank Deposit Speed

Canadian Merchants If you are banking with a major financial institution in Canada, your funds should appear in your account within 2 business days.

US Merchants Your funds should appear in your account within 2 business days. Transactions processed over the weekend are scheduled for deposit on the second business day.

Bank Settlement for Retail Terminals

For merchants using Helcim's legacy service, our Ingenico terminals are set to Auto Settle by default (except for the Ingenico Desk 3500). This means that your terminal will submit the batch at the end of the day automatically. You can change the time that it settles or remove it altogether, in which case you will need to manually settle. In order to avoid interchange downgrade or lost transactions, your batches should be settled within 48 hours of the original transaction.

Reprogramming Auto Settle Time on a Retail Terminal

For merchants using Helcim's legacy service, if you wish to change the automatic settlement time on your retail terminal, the terminal must receive new instructions via quick download from our partner bank. Log in to your My Account portal and create a ticket via the Support menu that states the time at which you would like your terminal to auto settle. Our Support team will let you know when your download is ready and provide simple instructions for install.

Batch Settlement for Helcim

Your Helcim account is set to automatically settle at 12:00AM ET. You can adjust the automatic settlement time, or you can manually settle the batch. In order to prevent transaction loss, the virtual terminal will automatically settle any batches that remain open for 48 hours.

On-time Funding

Getting your funds on time is important. The payment processing industry is a complex network between businesses, banks, credit and technology and like any complicated system, issues can sometimes arise.

If for some reason your deposit does not arrive as expected, please contact our Support team promptly so we may diagnose and solve the problem.

If your funds are deposited later in the day than expected, it may be due to your bank and the timing of its systems. To best ensure your funds are deposited to your account the day they are due, please make sure your batches are closed/settled by 11:45PM ET. You can have your retail terminal reprogrammed to settle automatically at this time, or you can manually settle both the retail and virtual terminals. If you are unsure about how to do this, please access our tech support guides and tutorials through your My Account portal, or get in touch with our Support team who would be happy to assist you.