Replacing the Wireless SIM Card
  • 29 Aug 2022
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Replacing the Wireless SIM Card

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Powering off the Terminal

  • Remove the terminal from its charging base.
  • Press the CENTER button below the screen, the screen should go blank

Replacing the SIM Card

  • Remove the back lid
  • Remove the SIM card
  • Slide the new SIM card in the same upper slot. The chip should be facing down towards the sensor
  • Place the lid back on
  • Turn on the terminal by press the green OK

Changing the APN Settings

  • Press #
  • Press 3 for Setup Menu
  • Press 2 for Communications
  • Press 4 for Wireless
  • Press 1 Wireless Access 1- If it is for Bell you want Access Point 3
  • Press 1 for APN
  • Enter the correct code below (for letters, press the corresponding number key and press F to cycle through)
Wireless ProviderAPN Network
Universal SIM Cardmrminternet.apn (or leave it blank)

  • Once entered, press the green OK
  • Press red X to go back to welcome screen

If entered correctly, the top-left wireless bars will show 6 numbers such as "030288" instead of "Rogers"