Recurring API
  • 29 Aug 2022
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Recurring API

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Request Variables(Required)

merchantIdnumericYour merchant id; must not include any spaces or special characters.
tokenalphaYour Gateway token (generated within the Gateway Administration Tool).
typealphaType of transaction to be processed. Must be: "recurring".
cardNumber16/numericCredit card number; must not include any spaces or special characters.
expiryDate4/numericCredit card expiry date in the form of MMYY. With leading zeroes if the month or year is only one digit.
cvvIndicator1/numericCVV2 presence indicator. Must be either: "1" (present), "2" (not visible), "3" (not present) or "4" (ignore)
cvv4/numericCVV2 value.
recurringPeriod50/alphaRecurring period; set weekly or monthly: 1 week(s), 2 week(s), 1 month(s), 2 month(2), 6 month(s), 24 month(s) - Also allows the following aliases: weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, 1, 15 (for first and fiftheen of the month
recurringStartDateyyyymmddThe data to start recurring billing (cannot be today).
recurringAmount10,2/decimalAmount of each recurring transaction.
recurringTimes3/numericNumber of times to bill.

Card Tokenization Features

cardToken23/alphaThe credit card token. When used the cardNumber, expiryDate, cvvIndicator and cvv fields should not be sent.
cardF4l48/numbericThe first and last four digits of the original credit card. This is used to confirm that the correct credit card will be billed.

Request Variables (Optional)

test1/numericSets whether this is a test or not. Any value other than 1 will assume this is a real transaction.
cardholderName100/alphaName on card.
amount10,2/decimalIf set, this is the amount the customer will be billed immediately.

For Address Verification Service (AVS)

cardholderAddress255/alphaAddress of cardholder for address verification.
cardholderPostalCode50/alphaPostal code/zip code of cardholder for address verification.

Billing Information

orderId50/alphaUnique transaction identifier, transaction will fail if a duplicate order id is found. The order id will be automatically generated by the Gateway if this field is blank.
customerId50/alphaCustomer identifier.
billingName100/alphaCustomer's billing name.
billingAddress255/alphaCustomer's billing address.
billingCity255/alphaCustomer's billing city.
billingProvince255/alphaCustomer's billing province or state.
billingPostalCode50/alphaCustomer's billing postal code or zip code.
billingCountry255/alphaCustomer's billing country.
billingPhoneNumber255/alphaCustomer's billing phone number.
billingEmailAddress255/alphaCustomer's billing email address.