• 30 Aug 2022
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Input Properties

Property NameDescription
terminalIpSet the terminal ip address
terminalPortSet the terminal port number
amountSet sending amount, decimals are implied. eg. $1 is 100
invoiceNumberSet invoice number if enabled on terminal
clerkIdSet clerk Id

Output Properties

Property NameTypeDescription
MIDStringMID on terminal
TIDStringTID on terminal
responseIntegerResponse of transaction. 1 = Approved 0 = Declined
responseMessageStringResponse message of Transaction
responseCodeStringResponse code from transaction
batchTotalIntegerCurrent batch Total
batchNumberIntegerCurrent batch number
batchSaleTotalIntegerCurrent batch sale total
batchSaleTotalCountIntegerCurrent batch sale count
batchRefundTotalIntegerCurrnet batch refund total
batchRefundTotalCountIntegerCurrnet batch refund count
batchVoidTotalIntegerCurrent batch void total
batchVoidTotalCountIntegerCurrent batch void count
batchCashBackTotalIntegerCurrent batch cashback total
cardTypeStringCard type used in transaction
cardEntryStringCard entry used in transaction
CardNumberStringprotected card number
referenceNumberStringTerminal generated number
connectionLogStringLog of every event happening

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