Legacy Helcim Commerce Mobile App
  • 31 Aug 2022
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Legacy Helcim Commerce Mobile App

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If you are currently using the Legacy Helcim Commerce Mobile App the app is reaching its end of life and will be removed from the app store on June 30th, 2022.

If your account is currently on Helcim's legacy system you may be using the Helcim Commerce Mobile app or the Legacy Helcim Mobile Card Reader for your payments. The Helcim Commerce Mobile app will reach its end of life on June 30th, 2022. 

All businesses on Helcim's legacy system are encouraged to migrate their accounts to Helcim's new platform to access enhanced functionality.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about the migration process, please contact us at 1-877-643-5246 or email help@helcim.com.

Legacy Helcim Commerce Mobile App FAQs

I want to migrate my account, can you help me?

Yes. To move your account to Helcim's new platform, we'll need to migrate your account. We'll make sure to honor your existing processing rates and fees (with the exception of that monthly fee - wave goodbye). Check out the additional questions below for more details.

Once your migration is queued, you will notice a pop-up notification when you log in to My Account. This notification will ask you to confirm your account information to begin the migration process. After you complete the form, the migration will take place within 5 business days and you will receive an email with your new login information. You can review what the notification will look like in our support article here. 

Do I need to complete this by a specific date?

Yes. The Legacy Helcim Commerce Mobile app will no longer be available after June 30th, 2022. If you are currently processing payments on the mobile app you will need to have the migration completed before this date.

Can I still use my Helcim Mobile Card Reader?

No. The Helcim Mobile Card Reader (the legacy headphone jack card reader)Â  is reaching its end of life on October 1, 2022, and will stop processing payments as of this date. The card brands are phasing out mag stripe (swipe) transactions in favor of the more secure EMV (Chip and PIN) technology. All merchants will need to use EMV capable card readers going forward.

The migration pop-up notification will prompt you to order your new hardware prior to moving your account to the new platform. Once you receive your new hardware you can continue your account migration. The shipping confirmation email will include additional details on completing this process. 

The new Helcim Card Reader provides a secure and flexible payment solution for customers to pay using tap or chip. You can use it with your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. A full list of eligible devices is available here.

Equipment compatibility 
Please review the list of eligible devices to confirm your current equipment will be compatible with the Helcim Card Reader prior to submitting your order.

Can I still use the Helcim Commerce Mobile App?

No. If you are also using an Ingenico Terminal such as the Move 5000 or the ICT250 these standalone terminals are not compatible with Helcim's new system and won't function after migrating your account. 

Can I use my Ingenico terminal on Helcim's new system?

No. You will need to upgrade to the Helcim Payments App, you can view the app in your devices app store, or download the desktop version at Helcim.com/Welcome. A full list of applicable support articles is available here. As part of the migration, data (transactions, customers) from your old account will be moved to the new account.

Will I keep my data?

Yes. Your customer list, stored credit cards and recurring entries will be ported to the new system. Your prior 12-months of transaction history will also be ported to the new platform.

Can I order new EMV capable hardware from my account?

Yes. You will be prompted to order new hardware when confirming your business information for the account migration.

After you receive the welcome email with your new login information you will be able to order additional hardware at any time For more details on how to order equipment, please visit our support article here.

Canadian Merchants operating in USD currency
Please note that Canadian Merchants operating in USD are currently unable to order the Helcim Card Reader, please contact the Helcim Merchant Experience Team for further information.

Will migrating impact my login?

Yes. You will now login to Helcim's main merchant dashboard, at hub.helcim.com. As part of the migration, you will receive a new username and password. 

Once you receive the email with your new login information you can also use these details to log in to the new Helcim Payments App. 

Will migrating impact my user permissions?

Yes. Your existing user permissions will be moved to the new system. If you were the primary user in the previous account, you will maintain admin permissions. All other employees will be set as General Staff. Once the migration is complete please login to configure their access as needed. Your new account includes simplified user roles for easier editing and management of team members.

Will this increase my rates?

No. Your existing processing rates are being honored in our new processing system, and you will no longer have a monthly fee! That's right - no monthly account fee. Also, there are no longer any PCI or PCI non-compliance fees with our new service.  Â 

Will this impact my deposits?

Yes. Helcim now handles the daily bank deposits instead of Elavon, so you will now see  ' Helcim Inc ' as the depositor name on your bank accounts. Please note that daily settlements will now be net of the processing fees, instead of fees being debited at the end of each month. Your new Helcim dashboard will provide a detailed breakdown of settlements for easy bank reconciliation.

Please keep in mind that this change will take effect the moment of migration.

Click the links below to learn more:
Understanding Bank Deposits
Viewing Statements and Settlement Information

I use QuickBooks, will this make it harder to reconcile my deposits?

No. Helcim provides detailed bank transfer reports making it easy to see your transaction totals and the total fees for each batch. Creating a clearing account in QuickBooks can also help streamline the reconciliation process for net billing deposits. Learn more here.

Will this impact my integrations?

Yes. If you have set up any integration in your Helcim Commerce account, you will need to update any Gateway API integrations with your new terminal ID. If you are using the WooCommerce Plugin you will also need to update your integration configuration.

Will my payment pages still work?

Yes. If you have set up hosted payment pages in your Helcim Commerce account, your payment pages will continue to function as they always have.

Will I still be able to accept payments from all card types?

Yes. You will be able to accept all card types (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc) with the exception of the Discover card if you are a Canadian merchant operating in USD.

Helcim Tutorials

Below you will find videos and support articles to help guide you through using the new system.

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Helcim Payments works on most browsers, but functions best on Chrome and Safari.

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